Teti: World Peace Adds Depth, Experience To Knicks’ Roster

The Eastern Conference becomes more exciting in the coming season.The NY Knicks becomes stronger defensively with the addition of MWP but may still fall behing Brooklyn Nets in depth. Other teams that have the ability to contend and are in the running to dethrone the Heat are the Chicago Bulls and the Indiana Pacers…However the Big 3 of Miami Heat are still capable of spoiling all the championship bids of all contenders …

CBS New York

By Ian Teti
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In a relatively quiet offseason, the Knicks caught a lucky break and were able to sign Metta World Peace to a two-year deal.

Before we look into why this pickup was great and highly necessary, let’s finally rid World Peace of his “problem status.”

It’s been ages since the infamous Palace brawl. World Peace paid his price for breaking the league rules and it’s time that we all got over it. There has been no instance in an NBA game that compares to that since, and there are no signs of it happening again, especially out of World Peace.

His attitude will not be a major problem.

The James Harden elbow to the head, whether it was intentional or not, was a bad move by the former Defensive Player of the Year, I admit. But how many elbows do we see a night…

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